Access Bars Healing

access barsAccess Bars is a wonderful type of healing that focuses on 32 points located on the head.  During a healing session, the therapist uses very light, gentle pressure to help disperse the negative energy or ‘electromagnetic charges’ that we hold inside of our brains due to the experiences we have had and the beliefs we have formed throughout our lifetimes.

Often, we hold onto thoughts, feelings and emotions (anger, hurt, pain, sadness, grief, frustration, etc) without even realising what we are doing to ourselves!  This ‘holding on’ and inability to let go can cause a wide array of symptoms, from the physical i.e., headaches, eye pain, tiredness, etc, to the psychological i.e., stress, rage, disbelief, denial, etc.  When those charges are acknowledged and released, it is common to experience a strong sense of relief, as well as clarity and a feeling of unlocking one’s own potential.

SandraSandra Hannon is a qualified and experienced Practitioner of Access Bars in Galway.  She works out of Menlough and Galway City, and also offers EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and Psychotherapy.

Sandra has a strong interest in fashion and is passionate about the expression of the True Self through colour and style.  From time to time, she offers ‘Rewire Through Style’ workshops for women in order to encourage self-empowerment, self acceptance, taking off the mask and embracing a healthy expression of the internal on the outside.