Complementary Therapies

IMG_3768Complementary therapies (also known as ‘holistic’ therapies because health is looked at from an overall integrated perspective) were named as such because they are often offered alongside modern medical treatments in order to assist patients further on the road to physical and psychological recovery.

However, nowadays many complementary therapies are practised in a standalone way.  They are widely considered to be excellent aids for general relaxation, anti-stress, balancing and grounding. They also encourage a preventative approach to health. People often use complementary therapies to make their immune systems stronger, as well as to give themselves a well-deserved treat!

I offer three types of complementary therapies:

Aromatherapy Massage (for Aromatherapy Products, I will have a Shop coming soon)

Reflexology and Foot Massage

Energy Healing

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Note that as of March 2020, I am not currently offering face to face complementary therapies due to Covid 19, but will have aromatherapy products on sale soon.

Some other complementary therapists who may be of interest: