This workshop is for couples who are currently experiencing regular conflict which feels difficult to resolve or even to live with.  It may be that you feel there is too much criticism in your relationship, or that there’s a particularly sticky issue that you simply cannot get past without outside help.  You may prefer to spend a day focusing only on your relationship, rather than embarking on weeks or months of one-hour therapy sessions which would expect you to ‘do the homework’ in-between (something you may find difficult to commit to as things stand).

We will spend the day focusing on your conflict – why it is happening, and how you can first understand and then work through it by using the Imago dialogue process as well as committing to new strategies for managing anger and anxiety.  Topics covered are:

  • The Meaning of Stories
  • Reasons for Conflict (brief)
  • The Zero Negativity Approach
  • Imago Dialogue
  • Expressing Appreciation


Please contact me here for more details or to book a workshop.   

“It is only for those without hope that hope is given.”  

– Walter Benjamin.