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As well as being a Psychotherapist, I am also a Qualitative Researcher with over 14 years of experience in working with research techniques such as Focus Group Discussions, In-Home Ethnography, Online Communities, Mobile Qual Accompanied Shops and International Research Management, as well as partnering with trusted colleagues specialists in Quantitative methods and provision of Tech Solutions.  I am particularly interested in mental health research using qualitative techniques.

I  find that there is much crossover between research and psychotherapy, particularly when it comes to a mindset of both interviewing and analysing results – be that through investigating reactions to a new healthcare suggestion or making changes to the format of packaging for medication.  I like to use creative techniques in both psychotherapy and research as I believe that they help get to the heart of the matter and respondents can express their truth more fluidly and easily.

Mental health research Ireland

My research work has been broad and varied, and has included healthcare research, clinical research, consumer, technical, social and B2B work, looking at communication and marketing, branding, positioning, pack design, segmentation and deep dives into attitudinal characteristics of certain groups of people.

Where do I conduct Qualitative Research?

I have managed qualitative research projects face to face in countries including the UK, France, Ireland, South Africa, Uganda, Brazil, Mexico, Russia and Spain and have travelled to manage research projects across Europe, South America and Asia. I also conduct Online Qualitative Communities and have managed communities with respondents in Australia, Italy, the UK, Ireland, Brazil, the USA, Colombia, Korea and more.  My own experience of integrating with other cultures and languages, such as my time working with mental health in Togo, marketing in Brazil, teaching in Russia and learning Persian in Tajikistan has also meant that I have a good awareness of cultural components which affect research results across demographics.

Mental Health in Ireland

I am currently looking to take on more projects relating to mental health research and the provision of mental health in Ireland, as well as the rest of Europe.   One particular issue we currently face in Ireland is the increasing publicity and media campaigning around mental health, but the lack of true commitment and funds to back it up.  For example, charities which have committed to ‘affordable fees’ and ‘sliding scale’ therapeutic interventions, but do not receive any HSE funding whatsoever.

I am interested in hearing from the HSE and the NHS for mental health and employee wellbeing research and research into funding mental health, as well as from other charities such as mental health charities who wish to conduct research which can help them to raise funds, raise awareness, test campaigns and generally increase the positive impact of their work nationwide.  I am also interested in working with other types of heathcare research provider such as clinics, GP surgeries, wellness centres, mental health training colleges and institutions, and psychiatric hospitals.

I am particularly interested in promoting the power of Online Communities for mental health research to target hard-to-reach groups and to encourage a spirit of openness and communication between healthcare professionals, patients, and society as a whole.

A mixed-method research program can provide a whole new way of looking at service provision, product availability and marketing communication, providing insights that strand true over time and inform the way that work is done.

Do you have a mental health research brief?

Please contact me here or see my website here if you would like more information on my qualitative research services and experience.

mental health research Ireland