No longer putting my foot in it

About four weeks ago I started to realise that my favourite shoes no longer fit me.  Yes, I put on a bit of weight during those six months abroad – there wasn’t really any great place to exercise and I didn’t have the time anyway (or something).


But…does a bigger backside really equal bigger feet?  Surely my FEET had not put on weight?!

I also noticed that my right foot was slowly beginning to ache, right on the bone at the bottom of the big toe joint – the bone on the inside, that can sometimes stick out slightly.  It was getting worse.  One day, when I tried to wear heels again, I felt the discomfort rise up to my knee.

I walk my dog every day, sometimes quite long walks, but I wasn’t feeling particularly tired that week, and I certainly never wear uncomfortable shoes on those walks.  At a loss as to what could be wrong, I looked it up online.  I found out that I must have, or be getting, some type of bunion (Hallux Valgus) as there was no other explanation for the pain.  Apparently they’re a common problem ‘experienced mostly by women.’


Trying and failing

I tried massaging the foot before bed with some base oil and then some cream, and I also tried one or two long hot baths.  The pain and throbbing continued.  I went on a trip to the UK and the flight made it worse as my foot felt even more achy and swollen afterwards.

My sister once told me that having children makes your feet grow a size.  She has three (children, not feet) – so she has quite big ones now (feet, not children).  I wondered if she’d gotten it wrong all along and swollen or big feet were simply about getting old!

The sweet-smelling solution

In the end, instead of paying to see a doctor, who would probably tell me what I had read on the internet and then give me some pills or a really strong cream, I decided to try out a foot soak with essential oils known to target aches and pains.


I used my foot bath and added a tailored blend consisting of black pepper as the middle note, along with lavendin, pine and vetiver.   I added a dose of holy water from Knock Shrine for good luck.

One week later, I realised that I had not felt any pain in that foot all week.  I then forgot about it again.  It is now four weeks on and the pain has not returned, nor are my feet enlarged.  I feel slightly incredulous that the foot soak with the oils was so powerful so quickly, despite being qualified to work with essential oils.  Is part of me still a cynic?  I hope not!

So here I am again.  Backside still on the larger side, but feet thankfully back to a four and a half.  No bunion, no pain, no knee problems, no big clumsy wide-soled shoes either.  I’m slipping back into my Desigual heels again and enjoying the light, subtle way they hug my feet.  Of course I’ll still be watching that bone and checking there’s nothing wrong – but only when I remember.

A product for you?

That’s one example of a great way to use essential oils – but it’s not the only one.  If you’d like a tailored aromatherapy product making for you, please get in touch.  I may well be able to help!