I recently moved to Ireland to a house with a beautiful and rather wild looking garden.  Having been accustomed to little more than a patch of overlooked grass in London for the past 10 years, I am understandably very excited with this ‘proper garden’ and all the potential it contains.  Okay, so at the moment it’s a little unkempt and overgrown – it needs ‘work’ – but that only makes it all the more charming somehow.

They say that every garden is a coffin, a place that witnesses death all year round – dying plants, flowers, insects, even little creatures from time to time…but just as the earth receives their remains, it also gives birth to new life and is a constant witness of growth and transformation.


Being so passionate about Aromatherapy, I find myself rather ashamed that I have never known that much about gardening and have never actually extracted or made up my very own essential oil straight from the source.

I have made many beauty and health products from essential oils – I’ve studied their compounds and components, I’ve discussed the qualities of different versions of the same oil, and I’ve used essential oils to my advantage on many occasions.  But how wonderful it would be to actually ‘grow the oil’ myself as it were and to witness that transformation of seedling to soap!

So that is my next project – watch this space!  In the mean-time, if you would like to try any of my products (made using great quality oils from other suppliers) you can book a product consultation with me in Galway or via Skype, or contact me via email to discuss your requirements.  I also make candles using essential oils which are available in the SFT shop.

If you would like to study Aromatherapy yourself and are based in the UK, see www.aromalyne.com for details of courses with the wonderful Christina Lyne.