Talking Therapies

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Welcome to the Talking therapies section of the site. My name is Jeni and I am a Psychotherapist and Counsellor based in Galway and online, offering a range of talking therapy services. I would love to hear from you if you are interested in knowing more.

Talking therapy is variously referred to as ‘counselling’ ‘psychotherapy’ or simply ‘therapy.’ The main difference is that psychotherapy goes deeper than counselling, and can induce greater changes over time. However, you do not always need to know which it is that you need or want before attending – this can emerge naturally during our sessions.

To simplify things for anybody who has never experienced it, ‘therapy’ is basically a meeting in which client(s) and therapist discuss a specific issue or issues that the client is bringing. The therapy session may just involve talking things through, or in some cases, the therapist may suggest certain activities to help decipher the root of a problem, or to access important feelings around a difficult subject.

Therapy can provide a safe space for you to explore your life, your soul and your place in the world.

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