Online Therapy


Since the onset of Covid 19, I have almost exclusively been offering Online Counselling via Skype or Zoom (both individual and couples counselling).  Many of my clients have found that they actually prefer Online Counselling, because it is:

  • More convenient (no need to factor in travel time or location, or arrange babysitters!)
  • Easier to arrange (we can both be more flexible with time)
  • Slightly lower cost due to no room fee
  • Safe and relaxed – you are in the comfort of your own home, or alternative location
  • You only need a phone or a laptop to engage (if no internet, we can change to telephone counselling)
  • Can feel more confidential (some clients do not like to attend a therapy centre and prefer the privacy of their own space)
  • You’re often ‘in the moment‘ with key issues and as such, may find that you talk about them spontaneously instead of reflectively
  • Borderless – I see clients in various different countries, and if you’re in Ireland and move away or have to travel, there is no need to disrupt our sessions

Simply email me with your availability a week in advance, or, if you would like a more urgent session you can call me to arrange.

All Skype (or Zoom) sessions are to be paid in advance via bank transfer.  The cost is €50.00 per 1 hour session.  Please send an email with your name and a selection of your preferred time slots to  Please ensure that your internet connection is strong and reliable before committing to Online Therapy as unfortunately I will not be able to refund monies for time spent dealing with connection issues!