Energy Healing

Energy Healing is a natural treatment technique involving the laying on and/or approximation of hands to encourage the channelling of energy between the receiver and the essential life force energy, often known as ‘qi’ or ‘prana.’  This technique is not about passing my energy to you (I need that for myself!), but about channelling from what is all around us in order to help you to strengthen and balance your own energy centres.

Energy Healing involves working with the chakras in order to uncover imbalances and to activate the natural healing processes of the body to restore wellbeing. The theory of Reiki says that when our life force energy is low, then we are more likely to get sick, stressed or ‘out of balance.’ The results of the treatment are different for everybody, but tend to involve feelings of peace, warmth, security and well being.

During our session, I will draw on my experience of being a Reiki Master as well as my training in Mir Sufi Healing.  Each session lasts for 1 hour and is followed by a refreshing herbal tea and two way feedback about the experience.

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