Email Counselling

postbox-1475699-638x477Do you prefer to write about it?

Email Counselling provides a way of opening up about your issue via a written-only format with a neutral outsider who is also a therapist. This is a short term way of dealing with a specific problem and is not recommended for longer term or more complicated issues. If I believe that your issue requires further therapeutic work, I will specify this in my email back to you.   If you are based in an area where I can recommend a therapist, I will do so. I will also offer Online Counselling if appropriate.

Email Counselling could help if you:

  • Have a simple or specific question or problem to resolve
  • Require the view of a neutral outsider on a specific issue
  • Feel afraid of meeting face to face with a therapist
  • Prefer to express yourself via the written word, at least initially

My terms and conditions for Email Counselling are as follows:

  • Emails must be sent only on the form provided (which can be downloaded and used again) and must not be longer than 4 pages in Arial size 11 font.
  • I will not answer any emails sent outside of the boundary specified above – this is to protect and contain the therapy and is beneficial for both parties.
  • The fee for Email Counselling does not include phone calls, Online Counselling Sessions or face to face appointments
  • You can expect a reply to your email within 3 working days, unless there is notice of a delay at the top of this page.
  • I will reply as deemed appropriate and helpful and cannot promise a certain length or number of words. Any questions I ask are to help you to think further about your specific issue.
  • Emails are private and are not shared with third parties, though I may on occasion decide to take an email to supervision where I believe a third opinion to be necessary. If this happens, the email itself will never be shown and the author will remain completely anonymous.
  • I offer a total of 5 exchanges on one issue. If the issue seems unfinished, I will review this with you and offer suggestions for next steps.



Download the Email Counselling contact form:  Downloadable form.

Email counselling cost (payable in advance via PayPal): €25.00 per exchange or €100.00 in advance for 5 exchanges.  Please send your first email to  I will provide bank details and will respond upon receiving payment.