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Once face to face gatherings resume, I am planning to run a weekly talk circle in Kinvara, Galway:

There is nothing like a cup of tea and a chat for feeling great….but sometimes you just – need – MORE. You want to delve deeper, know yourself more, know others more, understand life more! You want to understand the dynamics of the relationships in your life that have made your life what it is today. In this circle, we will not only be drinking tea (!), we will also be exploring who we are, our purpose in life, and how we bring ourselves into relationship. We will learn to truly LISTEN in order to understand ourselves as well as others. We will be using the techniques of Imago Dialogue to go deeper into ourselves as well as truly witnessing other people in the group. Learning Imago will also help you with your own personal relationships outside of the circle and will help you to feel more at one with yourself as a person.

Cost is just €10 per 2 hour session, payable on the day each week.  Contact me for more details.


I offer private (one couple only) one and two day workshops for couples in Galway, Ireland  (currently suspended due to Covid-19, but please get in touch for wait list).  Please read below for outlines and to discover which type of workshop may suit you best, then click on the symbols for more detail .  


A one day workshop for couples who are just embarking on a new life together. Learn Imago dialoguing techniques and some theory about relationships to prepare yourselves for a strong and happy future together. Click on the icon for more details.


A one day workshop for couples or individuals currently in conflict. Learn how to resolve difficulties in a way that is kind to both of you and helps you both to become curious about what the conflict might mean, not just who is right.  Click on the icon for more details. 


 A one day workshop for couples wanting to deepen their connection and learn new ways of relating in order to strengthen what is already there, find strategies for dealing with difficulties and become curious about one another again. Click on the icon for more details.



A one day workshop for couples who have both already decided to separate, are sticking by that decision, and need some help in working out together the logistics in order to make the process as harmonious and kind as possible. Click on the icon for more details.  


Two-day workshops for couples at all stages of relationship who wish to deepen and enrich connection, resolve conflict and understand more about themselves and one another. Imago Workshops are based on the premise of ‘changing the world, one relationship at a time.’  Click on the icon for more details.



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All workshops are run by Jeni of Soul Focus Therapy, based in Galway, Ireland.

Jeni is an accredited Psychotherapist, Mediator, Couples Counsellor and NLP Master Practitioner.  

She is runs research business QualiProjects.